Software maintenance agreements

If you are licensing software, usually there will be a maintenance element that goes along side it.

As a party to such an agreement you need to be sure of the extent of your obligations (if you are the supplier) and your expectations (if you are the customer).

These agreements should reflect the agreement between the parties to ensure the smooth running of the customer’s business.

We can draft these for you if you are the supplier and review these for you if you are the customer.

To say we were a bit green and naïve when it came to all the legal sides of running a business was an understatement. We needed someone to really hold our hands and give us direction in many ways. The world of NDAs, license agreements, terms and conditions, employment contracts, staff handbooks, consultancy agreements and so much more was a bit of a minefield to us. EL Law have been amazing when it comes to helping us understand and implement best legal practices which is so crucial to protecting our assets and future proofing our agency.

Jonathan, Creative Marketing Agency

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